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Smart Information and Technology Education Solutions at your fingertips. Training packages customized to empower your training business.

We can be your backbone

Offer and deliver official trainings and certifications to your customers, and we’ll provide everything you need.

Quint Education Solutions (formerly known as Courseware4All) offers a unique “one-stop-shop” solution that enables training organizations to perform at their best. The combination of our extensive portfolio of course materials, exam services, trainers, and accreditations allows training providers to concentrate on what they do best: train students. Couseware4All offers a state-of-the-art, hassle-free, multi-language, integrated, white-label course delivery service, which allows our clients to fully focus on their customers.


Don’t waste your time and money seeking accreditation for your training services. Become a Quint Education Solutions affiliate and automatically benefit from all our accreditations.

Branded Courseware

Your customers, your brand: Instantly download high-quality customized Courseware that you can and deliver as your own.

Exam Services

Receive official exams from the relevant examination institute, online, paper or remote proctored, and offer official certifications to your customers.


Looking to hire a trainer? Thanks to our extensive network of partners we are able to assist you worldwide.

On-Demand Delivery

Your account makes it easy to order digital materials delivered immediately to your inbox or order reprints which we produce and deliver to your requested address.

Virtual Back Office

We work with you every step of the way. Our outstanding Back Office allows you to concentrate on what makes your business grow, whilst we take care of the rest.


Need to bring your trainers up to speed? We offer specialized training sessions to prepare trainers for quality delivery.

Instructor Accreditation

We have all the materials needed and we’ll assist you all along the process to get the relevant accreditations for your trainers.

Online Delivery

All the tools you need for Virtual Classroom Training and Online exams.