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Business Simulation

MarsLander® ONLINE – Integrated Service Management Simulation

  • How to apply ITIL®4 in day to day work
  • How to bring more value to our business?
  • How to create use continual improvement?

The majority of organizations are being challenged with the need for remote working and remote learning. Remote learning of new ways of working such as Agile, DevOps, ITIL4 but also the need to learn to improve remote communication and collaboration skills. This ONLINE simulation is based on classroom simulation MarsLander.

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Business Simulation

Product description

Previously, ITIL® helped us take our Apollo 13 mission to the moon and safely back to Earth again. Bringing a MarsLander to Mars requires a higher level of service delivery capability.

There is a lot more software involved, complex new systems, and the need to respond quickly to unforeseen events as they unfold. And such mission has never been done before. The question is what do take for your team to complete this mission?

Through this Integrated Service Management simulation: MarsLander, your team will learn how to use key practices and methodologies such as IT Service Management (ITIL® 4), Lean, Agile, and DevOps – to produce tangible results and achieve all mission goals. Discover the ways how your team interacts and works together while responding to rapidly-changing circumstances in this exciting and experiential simulated environment.

This interactive online simulation workshop provides a safe environment where your team can experiment and explore new ways of working together to quickly respond to new business requests and deliver fast, reliable, safe, and error-free solutions. They will accomplish this by changing their respective mindsets, learning to see the customer as their primary focus, and implementing continual learning and improvement.

Which Aspects will you experience during this simulation

This simulation is about exploring and experiencing how you can transform your current IT organization into a more Agile and Lean organization. The following aspects will be experienced and discussed:

  • How can service teams help and how to create high performing teams?
  • How can we visualize our work, using KanBan?
  • How can we increase the flow of work?
  • How can we integrate vendors into our services?
  • How to work closer together with development?
  • How to continuously improve our services?
  • How to become a flexible service organization that responds rapidly to changing demands?
  • How to become more customer-focused, and develop this ‘customer thinking’ into our teams?
  • How to effectively manage workload (end-to-end) and how to reduce unplanned work?
  • How to increase customer and employee satisfaction

Who should attend

  • IT Operations employees to learn how to make their work more Agile and Lean, and how to apply ITIL4 in a realistic environment.
  • IT Management to learn the essence of ITIL4 and how to facilitate/support remote working.
  • Non-IT teams to create overall ITIL4 awareness.

Additional info

Duration: Around 5 hours
Course Delivery: Online
Number of participants: 5 – 7 participants

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