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Instructor package

Change Management Foundation

This package includes the necessary materials to properly instruct the training course. The included materials can vary between different trainings, but in most circumstances includes: Instructor Book, Course Presentation Slides, Exam Prep, Case Study (if applicable).

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Instructor package




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All materials are individually watermarked. Purchase one for every student.

Product description

The Change Management Foundation training provides participants with a basic and solid understanding in the principles of Change Management. The Change Management foundation course is aimed to get an understanding of why change happens, how change happens and what needs to be done to make change a more welcoming concept. In particular, such a course should be delivered in organizations looking for insights into different frameworks and ways of approaching change at an individual, team, and organizational level.​

This course prepares participants for the Change Management Foundation certification exam as well as providing valuable practical knowledge that can be rapidly applied in the workplace. Mock examinations are provided and used as preparation for the final test.​

Course and Learning Objectives

  • Understand the human side of change and know how to help people deal more effectively with change, maintaining their commitment and bringing them successfully through the change process.
  • Understand the various types of change that affect organizations, and know-how to draw on a range of professional approaches to support the effective delivery of the organization’s desired outcomes from each change initiative.
  • Know how to identify and work with the stakeholders in a change initiative, and how to plan, execute and measure the effective communications required to build and maintain their engagement.
  • Know how to assess the impacts of change, develop effective change teams, and recognize and address resistance to change.
  • Understand the process of sustaining change and know how to embed a change initiative as the new ‘business as usual’.

Who is the certification course for?

Program, Project and Business Managers, HR representatives, any member of a team involved in a transformation.​

* Quint is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) with APMG for this certification.

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