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ITIL is the WHY and FitSM is the HOW

In this webinar recording, you’ll learn why FitSM is the best option for IT professionals to be recognized for their ability to quickly implement effective ITSM processes, and for organizations seeking comprehensive and applicable guidance for the management of information technology.

We also discussed the trends we see in the market with regard to ITSM trainings and why we think training institutes and end-user organizations alike, are looking for alternatives.

With more than 3 million people certified in ITSM, 70% of organizations do not get the value they hoped for from their ITSM training investment. Today’s complexity of ITSM frameworks is the main reason they allude to.

Originally, the IT Infrastructure Library provided the core guidance by means of a Best Practice for organizations to fulfill this purpose. However, with very few exceptions, only a few processes are adopted and these are mainly in customer interfacing IT support.

FitSM will evolve to provide an end-to-end IT/Digital Operating Model, covering the full delivery (and sustaining) of tech-enabled products and services, guiding how IT interfaces with, and even leads, the wider business strategy. Stephan Brendel (APMG) and Claudine Koers (Quint) will cover anything you need to know about the why, what, and how of this release.

What’s include in this video

In this webinar recording, we addressed the following topics :

  • FitSM – the Why
  • FitSM – the What
  • FitSM – the How

We also explained why Quint Education Solutions will focus on FitSM in the coming months, and why we’re convinced that it is a great opportunity for you as well.