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Agile Sourcing Poster: The Quint Model

When we talk about agility, terms such as adaptability, efficiency, and optimization come to mind, and when applying them in organizations we realize that teams that work based on these methodologies develop products more adapted to business needs and with a shorter time to market which enables the earlier delivery of benefits.

Organizations have overcome most of the problems by implementing agility at the team level within their own organizations. This is made possible because of lower legal and administrative barriers in internal operating models.

The problem arises when we are planning for product development outsourcing. The continuing use of traditional sourcing methods limits the benefits of agility, thus reducing service flexibility. Added to that, the closed product contracting models which imply that precise definition of the functionality at the beginning of the project, and includes precise costs for scope changes, go against the concept and principle of responding to changes to continually align our delivery of services to business and customer needs.

This has led to the return to a contracting model based on “body shopping” that penalizes the effectiveness, proactivity, and involvement of the supplier and transfers all operational and financial risks to the client.

At Quint, the world leaders in outsourcing consulting, we have taken up the challenge and created an agile services contracting methodology that enhances the benefits of agility by focusing on the product, delivery efficiency, and adequate distribution of risks.

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