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Agile budgeting & planning done right (put your money where your mouth is)

Enterprises that approach uncertainty and risk in software development based on lean and agile methods often do experience financial control as a restriction. Traditional budgeting and cost reporting is a system based on rigid frames, and it – along with the process of project cost accounting – burdens the lean and agile enterprise with unnecessary and counterproductive overhead and friction. The traditional system provides, at best, a false sense of cost control to any enterprise.

About this video

In this webinar recording, Rami Sirkiä (SPCT at Nitor Delta) and Kevin Romijn (SPC at Quint) explained the concepts of budgeting & planning based on Lean-Agile values and principles. Through this video, you will learn what it takes to be in control of investments in the different initiatives. Find out why it even matters to change the way we look at budgeting & planning. And lastly, understand that budgeting & planning is a key enabler for enterprises that aim for business agility.

What will be covered in this video

  • The mindset needed for Lean-Agile budgeting & planning
  • Key enablers for agility at scale
  • From projects to continuous development – impact to funding
  • From control to empowerment with new metrics
  • Key takeaways

Target group

This video is especially relevant for CxO, Portfolio managers, IT controllers, or PMOs who are looking for some guidance in moving forward with their Lean-Agile transformation.