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Webinar for Partners

Liven up your ITSM Portfolio!

Enhance an organization’s provision of IT services – using a concise, lightweight, and achievable ITSM framework 

IT is at the core of every business, and this update will allow Service Management to reflect the fast-paced and complex environments we now live in. This includes new ways of working and emerging practices, all of which are essential not only for ITSM professionals, but also for a wider range of professionals working in the digital transformation world. The purpose of FitSM is to provide organizations with comprehensive, pertinent, and applicable guidance for the management of information technology in the modern service economy…..

IT Service Management is a deFacto standard being used in most organizations to organize IT and to streamline Information Technology activities into customer-facing services.

Originally, the IT Infrastructure Library provided the core guidance by means of a Best Practice for organizations to fulfill this purpose. However, with very few exceptions, only a few processes are adopted and these are mainly in customer interfacing IT support.

FitSM® will evolve to provide an end-to-end IT/Digital Operating Model, covering the full delivery (and sustaining) of tech-enabled products and services, guiding how IT interfaces with, and even leads, the wider business strategy. Stephan Brendel (APMG) and Claudine Koers (Quint) will cover anything you need to know about the why, what and how of this release.

About this webinar

This FitSM launch webinar will give you more information about the newly released FitSM certification from the team that built it.

FitSM is designed for professionals who wish to be quickly recognized for having the competences needed to implement effective ITSM processes – without delving into the intense detail of other frameworks.  

While Best Practices lack some elements for standardisation, FitSM has been designed to implement auditable standards in these core processes, thus focusing on the essentials in IT Service Management.

With FitSM in place, organizations can achieve;

  • the steps towards implementing the full set of IT Service Management processes
  • enhancing an organization’s provision of IT services – using a concise, lightweight and achievable ITSM standard
  • application of effective ITSM processes in federated environments – where services are managed in cooperation with competing or disparate organizations
  • successful management of specific ITSM processes
  • implementation of the foundations of effective ITSM processes – in instances where it is not necessary to implement the detailed processes delivered by other frameworks like ISO/IEC 20000
  • adoption of effective IT processes through checklists and maturity assessment


In this webinar, the following topics are discussed:

  • Why FitSM is a superior fit for today’s IT Service requirements;
  • How FitSM integrates with DevOps and Agility;
  • How to determine when your clients should move on with ITIL® and when they are better off with FitSM;
  • How adding FitSM to your portfolio will enhance your value proposition and how it will open new business opportunities.


Date: Tuesday, 19 April 2022

  • Time slot 1: 11am – 12pm CEST
  • Time slot 2: 4pm – 5pm CEST

Location: Online

You can register free of charge. Quint reserves the right to refuse registrations that do not belong to the target group. For questions about this event, please contact Roos Mijnen,