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The beginning of a special relationship. Let us help you build the foundation of your training business. Start delivering today.

The main benefits of partnering with Quint Education Solutions

Delivery on demand

No need to develop your own material! By becoming an affiliate of Quint Education Solutions, you’ll be able to offer to your customers, an extensive portfolio of trainings. Need to extend your portfolio? Just let us know, and we’ll get you started immediately!

Grow your revenue

Create your own robust portfolio of training capabilities, and put yourself in a position to deliver more to your existing customers. We help with everything you need to be competitive, from accreditation all the way to delivery.

Reduce your costs

Divest from your development costs and focus on revenue generation. We handle the delivery of courseware, exams, and trainer to the location of your choice. No Accreditation Fees, No Annual Fees, No Entry Fees… at all!



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